Case Statistics of the High Court

The High Court of Orissa introduced the practice of uploading on its website, the case statistics on a monthly basis with the objective of placing the performance of the state judiciary in the public domain. While preparing the case statistics, an earnest endeavour was made to reflect all granular details including pendency, institution vis-avis disposal statistics, time devoted to judicial work including loss of judicial hours due to pandemic, cease work by the members of the Bar, suspension of court work and references held on account of the demise of advocates and Judges, Judges on leave, administrative duties, training, etc. Further, the Case Clearance Rate (CCR) i.e. the rate at which the cases are disposed of taking into account the institution of the cases for a given period is also highlighted. The working hours for a given period has been computed taking into account the number of hours required to be devoted in a working day multiplied by the working strength of the judges and the number of working days during the period.

At times, minor discrepancies may be found in the statistics in respect of the closing balance of a period and the opening balance of the succeeding period. Such marginal discrepancy occurs due to subsequent updation of disposal and restoration of some cases in the Case Information System (CIS). For comparison of the rate of disposal of 2022 in comparison with 2021, a comparative analysis chart has been prepared and uploaded.

The statistics is based on the information available in the Case Information System (CIS) developed by the e-Committee, Supreme Court of India for the High Courts. The objective of the decision to upload the case statistics on the website is to make the stakeholders aware of the functioning of the State judiciary. The format of the case statistics has been simplified as far as possible for better appreciation of the data. An honest effort has been made to reflect the statistics in various ways for appraisal of the real time performance of the Courts by different stakeholders.

Institution, disposal and pendency of different types of civil and criminal cases in the High Court are indicated below.

Detailed case statistics of the High Court along with relevant information for 2022 are available on the website and given at Appendix-A.


While the opening balance at the beginning of 2022 was 1,96,662, the closing balance at the end of the year came down to 1,64,384. Total institution during the year was 1,04,321 and the disposal was 1,36,599 cases at a Case Clearance Rate of 130.94%. The institution in the month of January was high in comparison to the succeeding months because of registration of 8,588 cases received on transfer from erstwhile Odisha Administrative Tribunal.

On the other hand, the disposal in February, July, August and September were high in comparison to the other months of the year because 5,149 cases, 1,924 cases, 3,183 cases and 4,121 cases received from the Tribunal were disposed of during those months. The institution and disposal in the months of June and October were very low because of lesser number of working days due to summer vacation and Puja holidays respectively.


While the Judges’ strength was the lowest in the month of January with 18 Judges, it was highest in the month of August with 24 Judges. However, the Judges’ strength remained 22 at the end of the year. While 23,736.35 hours were allotted for judicial working of the High Court in 2022, 3,118.31 working hours were lost due to various reasons due to pandemic, absence of judges on account of leave, training and administrative duties, cease work by the Bar and references made on account of demise of Advocates and Judges.


In 2021, 1,05,182 cases were disposed of which rose to 1,36,599 cases in 2022. There has been an increase of 29.86% in disposal in 2022 as compared to the disposal in 2021. The rate of increase has been calculated taking into account the disposal of 2022 deducted by the disposal of 2021, divided by the disposal of 2021, multiplied by 100. While 810 Judgments were delivered in 2021, 2,168 Judgments were delivered in 2022.

Out of the 1,36,599 cases disposed of in 2022, 90 cases were more than 30 years old, 881 cases were 20-30 years old and 7,799 cases were 10-20 years old. 1,14,402 cases were disposed of in Single Benches, 22,181 cases in Division Benches and 16 cases in Larger Benches.

The age wise disposal of cases in Single Benches, Division Benches and Larger Benches is indicated below:
The institution and disposal statistics of the High Court for the last 5 years are indicated below for a comparative analysis.