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Case Statistics of the District Courts

The District Judiciary improved its performance as compared to the previous years. The institution and disposal statistics of the District Courts for the last 5 years are indicated below for a comparative analysis.

Disposal statistics of District Judiciary for last 5 years

Institution, disposal and the Case

Clearance Rate at a glance

While the opening balance at the beginning of 2022 was 17, 89, 677, the closing balance at the end of the year was 18, 26, 100. Total institution during the year was 5, 52, 948 and the disposal was 5, 15, 392 cases at a Case Clearance Rate of 93.20%. The disposal of cases in District Courts increased by 116.01% in 2022 as compared to the disposal in 2021. The institution and disposal figure of both 2021 and 2022 includes the cases received from and transferred to other Courts. The institution of Criminal cases increased due to filing of 90, 393 cases under the M.V. Act as result of automatic challan based on CCTV image capture. Disposal in the months of January and February, 2022 decreased due to cease work. Disposal in the month of August increased due to Lok Adalat held on 13th August, 2022. Similarly disposal in the month of December increased due to withdrawal of Forest and Excise cases (44, 989 cases). Minor discrepancies may at times be found in the statistics due to physical verification of records undertaken by different Courts in the State to get the correct statistics. Judicial Officers’ working strength and loss of working hours

240 working days are allotted for judicial working of the District Courts and each working day consists of 6 working hours. Average working strength of the district court judges against the average sanctioned strength of 982 in 2022 was 774. Average loss of working days in 2022 was 47.90 days due to cease work. The cumulative loss of judicial working hours of all the district courts was 2, 22, 447.6 hours (6 hrs x 47.90 days x 774 average strength of Judicial Officers). Detailed case statistics of the District Courts along with relevant information for 2022 are available on the website and given at Appendix-O.