The High Court of Orissa had a sanctioned strength of 27 which stood increased to 33 by the notification dated 2nd February, 2022. The increase was sought on account of the transfer of 49,817 cases to the High Court for adjudication following the abolition by the Government of Odisha of the Orissa Administrative Tribunal (OAT). By the end of 2022 only around 8,245 of these transferred cases of the OAT remained on the High Court’s docket.

In the beginning of 2022, the working strength of the High Court was 18. It rose to 21 on 14th February, 2022 with the swearing in of Justice V. Narasingh, Justice Biraja Prasanna Satapathy and Justice Murahari Sri Raman on their elevation from the Bar. The working strength further rose to 23 on 10th June, 2022 with the swearing-in of Justice Subhasis Talapatra on transfer from the High Court of Tripura and Justice Sanjay Kumar Mishra on elevation from the Bar. However, with transfer of Justice Chitta Ranjan Dash on 20th June, 2022, the working strength went down to 22.

On 13th August, 2022 the working strength rose to 24 with swearing in of Justice Gourishankar Satapathy and Justice Chittaranjan Dash on elevation from the cadre of District Judge. With the retirement of Justice Satrughana Pujahari on 22nd September, 2022 and Justice Biswajit Mohanty on 21st October, 2022, the working strength stood at 22 and remained as such till the end of 2022. This is still the highest number of judges the High Court has had thus far. On the 11 vacancies that remain at the end of 2022, six were in the bar segment and 5 in the service segment.

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