District Court Building, Kalahandi

Kalahandi was a princely state in British India. It merged with Orissa State as Kalahandi District comprising the current Kalahandi and Nuapada Districts. Though in 1993, Nuapada sub-division was carved out as a separate district, Kalahandi (Lok Sabha constituency) continued to represent both Kalahandi and Nuapada Districts together. The judgeship of Nuapada was separated from Kalahandi on 7th July, 2012.

The Court of Additional District and Sessions Judge became paperless on 17th September, 2022.

The District Court Digitization Hub (DCDH) was inaugurated on 12th December, 2022 in virtual mode by the Chief Justice of India and it serves as a hub for Nuapada.

The District Court is functioning in a new building at Bhawanipatna. It has 11 wellfurnished Court Halls and facilities like office, library, waiting hall for the witnesses, Bar Hall, lift, drinking water, ramp for disabled persons, separate washroom facilities for disabled persons. Its construction, by the OSPH & WC, at an estimated cost of around Rs.22.5 Crores was completed on 25th November, 2020. The building was inaugurated on 6th March, 2021.

The outlying stations of Kalahandi are Kesinga, Madanpur-Rampur, Dharmagarh, Junagarh, Koksara, Jaipatna and T.Rampur.

Shri Dipti Ranjan Kanungo was the District & Session Judge throughout the year.

The Judgeship was last inspected on 5th March, 2022 by the Administrative Judge, Justice B.P. Routray.

Apart from the District and Sessions Judge, the judgeship consists of the following courts.

Number of judges in each court

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